12 On Your Side: Business owner charged with fraud surrenders after News 12 investigation

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / September 24, 2013


"He seemed really nice he didn't seem like he'd be known or wanted for fraud or anything like that," says Moriah Little. She says her opinion of her former boss Gregory Allen Glover has changed.

Glover who owns St. Louis' Original Hamburgers on Fury's Ferry Road in Martinez is wanted by deputies for fraud after they say he tried to use someone's social security number to open a bank account. A month after coming to work for him, Little says she started having problems with her paycheck.

"I would go to his bank and one time they cashed it but another time they said he didn't have the money and it was just a $100 check," says Little. She says the manager on duty would have to pay her out of his own pocket. After some digging we discovered that Gregory Glover owes at least five companies more than $140.

John Haynie president of Sig Cox Incorporated in Augusta says he is among them. "We did a service call for St. Louis Hamburgers in June," says Haynie. He says the bill totaled $1300. We called the guy repeatedly up through August and just never got a response," says Haynie.

Neither have these companies. According to records News 12 obtained, Glover owes money to at least these four other businesses.

Howard Lumber $5,762
Augusta Sash & Door Sales $5,755
CNL APF Partners LP $118,892.65
Blue Tarp Financial $8,540.52

According to several secretaries of state, Glover had these businesses that were all dissolved for failure to file annual registration.

QSR Equity LLC - North Carolina
ST. Louis Original Hamburgers LLC - North Carolina
Revelation Filmworks Incorporated - Georgia
First Take Film Festival Incorporated - Georgia
Southern Builders & Land Developers Incorporated - Georgia

News 12 tried to get comment from Glover regarding our investigation and the fraud charge against him. He referred us to his attorney who also declined to speak with us.

For now while it appears workers are keeping Glover's burger joint afloat, Moriah Little says she knows what they are facing. "They are just living off the tips that's what I did when I worked there," says Little.

Glover's surrender to authorities came less than an hour before broadcast.

Meanwhile News 12 has learned that county officials are investigating to determine why and how Glover was able to establish the business without obtaining a business license. We were told the matter is being investigated by the county's attorney.