Only on 12: Officials say no plans made for water park in Augusta

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Wednesday, May 8, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Talk of a new water park coming to Augusta has people all over talking.

"I was like everyone else, I was excited and I wanted there to be a water park in Augusta," said Travis Jones, who heard about the water park through Facebook.

He found a Facebook page dedicated to the Rapid River Water Park, said to be coming off of River Watch Parkway.

"I liked the page, and I was really looking forward to it," he said.

But after taking a closer look, he says red flags started popping up.

"I noticed that there was no other information than Facebook," Jones said.

One post says, "The opening date is scheduled for Spring 2014 ... this is not a hoax."

Another one asks for corporate sponsorships and information from people who might want to work there.

The more Jones read, the more things didn't add up.

"Why can't we see pictures of you, pictures of what you're doing, something more than just stock photos of other people that just are advertisements?" he said.

The person behind that page wasn't willing to answer any of those questions, so they blocked Jones from viewing and commenting on the page.

"If this is true, it's handled very poorly," he said.

News 12 tried to contact the page administrator, but they didn't return our calls.

We also went to the City of Augusta, asking if there are any plans set for a water park.

Bob Austin works with planning for the city and says he has no plans for a water park in the area.

"If they're going to start up of 2014, they better get a plan into me fairly soon," Austin said.

But Jones isn't getting his hopes up.

He is still skeptical, but at the same time, he says it still sounds like fun.

"I hope it is real, it'd be really nice, it'd be great," he said.

News 12 received this statement from Walter Canty, who developed the plan for the water park:
"First and foremost, I am not a scammer but a citizen of this community who has been trying to bring a much needed Family Recreational Water Park to the area. Unlike the Splash of Augusta website, the current Face Book sight was set up by an advertiser to survey the communities’ interest and not to seek funding from the community. The purpose as well as the 2014 projected date was clearly stated.
There have been and are investors who are interested in the project and who have contacted me personally however, despite the overwhelming community support, they feel that due to previous declined projects, that the city is not ready to be open to the possibility that this project and others can and would financially stimulate Augusta’s economy."

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