ONLY on 12: Viewer recounts similar neighborhood shooting outside of her home

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Laurie Holbrook feels like she lives in a war zone and you could even say dodging bullets.

Woman shows bullet from shooting in her neighborhood. (WRDW)

"We do go out and check the house to make sure there aren't any bullets lodged anywhere," she said.

She saw News 12's exclusive report on the late night shooting that happened only miles from her home.

She says, "It was so similar, it was eerily similar, even down to the time-stamp on the date."

The date on our surveillance video was June 30. The time-stamp was 12:06am.

She says the same thing you see in the video, happened on March 31, around the same time, almost down to the minute.

"When I looked out the window, the gunshots started," she told News 12's Patrick Price.

Holbrook began counting the shots but soon lost count.

Cars were lining the streets as far as she could see, and the next thing she saw, were police lights.

"It was like, like I was watching a movie, I was in shock, complete shock," she said.

It was all recorded on her two surveillance cameras outside of her home.

News 12 obtained an incident report from that night and showed it to Holbrook.

News 12's Patrick Price said to Holbrook, "When you read this incident report what did you think?"

She responded saying, "It's not even accurate, not even close to accurate."

She says the account from the incident report came from the ones causing the trouble.

And when the deputies left -- nothing changed.

"You see the kids sitting out there, laughing how they got over on Richmond County, and thinking it's a big joke," Holbrook said.

But she and her husband aren't laughing, in fact, they're fed up.

"I'm afraid of watching TV, and a bullet coming through the house," she said.

So she's asking for answers into why the guns keep firing and why she feels her life is in danger.

"I think these shooting incidents, I think they need to be investigated, I think they need to be investigated seriously," Holbrook said.