ONLY ON 12: Neighbor details troubled history on Laurel Street

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News 12 at 6 o' clock/ May 8, 2014

Laurel Street (WRDW-TV)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- The person of interest in the Paine College shootings has turned himself in. Investigators are still interviewing Christopher Jackson, so we aren't sure if he'll be charged.

But, the home where he stays on Laurel Street is at the center of a lot of problems. Bullet holes dot his house, basketball hoops, and porches all along Laurel Street.

Willie Trice lives next door, and he says, "It's like living in a combat zone, how often there's shootouts here. "

Trice says this used to be a quiet, respectable neighborhood, but over the past year, that has changed.

Last October, he was the victim of a drive-by.

"It was broad daylight. I had just drove home, pulled up in my car, got out of my car. As soon as I closed my door, shots rang out," he explains.

Investigators told him he wasn't the intended target of the drive by that left his house and car peppered with bullet holes, which still didn't bring a lot of comfort to Trice.

Then, he witnessed two more drive-by's this week. One happened late Sunday night. Another happened Monday afternoon, just 30 minutes before the shooting nearby at Paine College.

Investigators believe the drive-by's are connected to the shootings at Paine, which doesn't surprise Trice. He says the house next door stays pretty busy.

"A lot of traffic goes on there, ok? Wee hours of the night and on into the morning," he says.

We pulled five different reports from July 2011 to now of crimes involving the Laurel Street house Christopher Jackson calls home. Officials also tell us there are many more warrants and citations that are still tied up in state court.

"Sunday afternoon, I watched the guys walk from Paine College campus back and forth to Laurel. Back and forth all evening," he says.

Trice was even more surprised when he watched a News 12 report about the shootings, and says he recognized the person of interest's brother in law, who hangs out next door.

"This guy does not belong on campus. He's not a student," Trice says, "Someone dropped the ball, because there were plenty of people who shouldn't have been on campus on campus. I feel like they should've been taken into custody for questioning. "

Trice says he filed another complaint about his neighbor's this morning with public housing.

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