North Augusta Public Safety releases statement on alleged misconduct

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Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- North Augusta Public Safety has released a statement in regards to an accusation of misconduct by a Public Safety officer while on a call.

Public Safety officers responded to East and Summitt Avenues early Sunday morning in response to a loud noise complaint. Officers said they heard loud talking and laughing in and outside of the home.

According to North Augusta Public Safety, Officer Larry Turner entered the backyard and found people drinking alcohol. He met 21-year-old Tyner Holmes. Holmes told Turner he had no right to be at the home and needed to leave.

Turner said he attempted to go to the back door, but Holmes stepped in front of him to keep him from doing so. Turner says he arrested Holmes for disorderly conduct after he repeatedly refused to comply with his instructions.

Public Safety investigated Turner's actions and determined he did not do anything wrong or illegal.

“I stand behind Officer Turner’s handling of this situation 100 percent. We, in fact, encourage Mr. Holmes to file a formal complaint with the department if he feels his rights were violated; not to air it out on Facebook or YouTube," said Public Safety Chief Thomas.

Thomas says Holmes has not filed a formal complaint with North Augusta about the alleged incident and will be able to present evidence if he believes any misconduct occurred.

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