North Augusta Greeneway repairs could take months

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW) -- On Monday, North Augusta city leaders voted to hire an engineering firm. But just how much that engineering firm says is needed to repair the Greeneway remains to be seen. However, some estimates are pushing that number close to $1 million.

"Accesibility is a big factor," said city administrator Todd Glover, "In many cases the pipes are at the bottom of the embankment so any type of repairs that you undertake arent going to be cheap."

And they aren't going to be quick either. Current estimates put the repair finish date somewhere into mid-Fall.

"We know that people use this,we know its a popular," said Glover, "but first and foremost we want them to be safe."

The parks and recreation department says that the plan is to install a 72 inch pipe, compared to the failing 48 inch pipe that sits there now. The problem comes from drainage and that hope is that new pipes will help to alleviate the issue.

Right now, city officials say that previous plans to expand the Greeneway could be put on hold. But they say their priority right now is to get the current problem fixed before plans of expansion even begin.