NoWait App hitting big with Augusta restaurants

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No waiting, well, there's an app for that.

But everyone remembers the old days, when getting a table wasn't as easy.

"Old school, paper and pencil," says Matt Warosh. "The girls would go up and try to find the people, yell out their name."

He is a manager at the Hooters off of Washington Road.

This week, his restaurant has a new system.

You walk up, give them your cellphone number, and within seconds, you receive a text telling you your wait time.

And when your table is ready, they'll call or text you.

"Instead of actually looking around for people, it sends it right to their phone, they bring it straight up to the tent, and the girls will seat them," said Warosh.

Nicole Stansell is one of those girls who works with the app.

"It works a better system, they get a phone call and a text message, most people reply within a minute," she told News 12.

In the past, that minute, used to be five minutes and sometimes even longer.

"It was awful, especially on nights where we would have events or contests, you can't holler over all of the crowd to find the people who are waiting for their tables," she said.

And with three more days of Masters week still to go, Matt has no complaints.

"It's been great for us," he said. "I think in the future it will get better and easier for us to do our jobs."

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