No more refunds for R. Kelly tickets

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News 12 First at Five/ January 6, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga.--Angry fans returned to the James Brown Arena Monday, hoping to get a refund for their R. Kelly tickets. But, they all walked away empty handed.

According to the James Brown Arena, they've passed out all the refunds they plan to offer.

They released this statement: "The safety and comfort of our customers is our number one concern. We were later informed the artist was having difficult arriving at the building. We have a no refund policy on purchased tickets. However, patrons who expressed dissatisfaction Saturday before the artist's arrival were given refunds. Once the artist took the stage, we stopped honoring refunds. We are forwarding all inquiries to the promoter, because we are aware some of our customers are frustrated."

James Brown Arena officials tell us R. Kelly didn't show up to the arena until around 11:00PM. He went on stage three hours late, and by that point, a lot of people
sick of waiting. So, they went to the box office for a refund. Some were given full refunds before the show started.

Fred Ramos and his wife left the arena before R. Kelly ever got there. They went straight to the box office, hoping for a refund. "I approached the officer and said 'Look, what can we do about getting our money back?'" Ramos explained.

The officer told him the only ones getting a refund were the people already in line. He walked away empty handed, but later, saw that others had gotten refunds. Ramos came to the box office Monday when they opened for his refund, but like dozens of others, walked away empty handed.

"I'm upset, because, how do you pick and choose who gets their money back?" said Ramos.

Some fans bought pricier tickets, spending upwards of $400 for VIP passes. They were promised a meet and greet and dinner with the 'King of R&B.'

"We paid VIP Gold which was for the dinner and the concert, and he wasn't at the dinner, and arrived 3 hours late to the concert," said Cushena Jordan.

Everyone who came to the box office looking for a refund Monday was told to leave their name and number which will be passed along to the concert promoter.

News 12 has reached out to the promoter, but we have not heard back from him yet.