Man accused in shooting in Washington isn't facing charges

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WASHINGTON, Ga. (WRDW) -- A quiet Memorial Day turned into anything, but investigators say around 10 o'clock last night Carlos Wynn went to this home on Buster Avenue in Washington uninvited.

Wynn's wife, Ashley miller and the homeowner Jamarcus Callaway were inside. Investigators say Wynn wanted to talk to his wife, but that "talk" turned deadly.

"I was surprised that someone got killed," said neighbor Mildred Barnett.

At some point, shooting started and Wynn ended up dead, but investigators say Callaway didn't get a gun until he saw Wynn had one too. Investigators also say that Callaway shot in self defense and wont be facing any charges. Mildred Barnett lives across the street, and she says it's not the first time she's seen police there.

"Activities going over there a lot. I kind of stay inside, and mind my business, but you can see the activities and police cars always coming when hes around," said Barnett.

It was at this home that Carlos Wynn was shot suffering two gun shot wounds to the chest. The coroner said his body has to be sent to Dekalb County, and it could be days before an autopsy is made.

"I was told around 4:30 this morning that I had about eight counties ahead of me," said Wilkes County Coroner Blake Thompson.

This homicide comes during a deadly weekend in Georgia. The GBI says this creates a backlog for them. Coroner Blake Thompson said that creates a problem not just a problem for them, but for the families.

"It affects all of us here in Wilkes County, and I'm trying my best to give the family the information they need," said Thompson. "It's hard to tell the family. It will be two to three days before i can send the body to the crime lab."

Thompson said since the Augusta crime lab closed, Dekalb is looking at taking over 23 counties; making his job a lot harder.

"It was a lot easier for us smaller counties to send bodies to Augusta over night or early in the morning than waiting two to three days. A lot of times I could call them, and send them down there, but now I have to go by what Dekalb crime lab tells me to do," said Thompson.

The coroner says that it wont be until Wednesday or Thursday until he can send his body off for an autopsy.

Carlos Wynn also has some past run ins with the law. Wynn has already served time in prison, and has an extensive wrap sheet with fire arm charges.

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