News 12 gets power back on for disabled Army veteran

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Saturday, June 8, 2013

Army veteran calls News 12 On Your Side to get his power turned back on. June 8, 2013

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WRDW) -- Edward Phillips is a happy man now that he has power again.

"I got me a Dr. Pepper," he said as he pulled it out of the fridge.

Phillips just moved into his new home, and after paying a $325 deposit to get power, he did one thing.

"The first thing I did was cut the A/C on, so I could get the place to cool down," he said.

But after having power, A/C and a working fridge for just a few hours, it was all cut off again.

"The same guy that cut me on pulled back up and said something about tampering with the meter before," Phillips said.

After not being to reach anyone for help, Philip called News 12. We got to work right away and were able to get this statement from Jefferson Energy:
"As a general rule, we disconnect, or do not connect services when tampering is found. However, as a courtesy in this particular case, we are going to extend service to the account in question until further information can be obtained."

Phillips says he did not touch the meter and that he's not sure how it happened, but after being hot and in the dark, he reached out to us for help.

"I've seen y'all on TV before helping people out, so I said, I'm going to call somebody and they might get something done," he said.

Phillips says he's glad because now he can enjoy the race and stay cool, but most importantly, he says he realized something.

"News 12 was on my side, they helped me out a lot," Phillips said.

Jefferson Energy says it's illegal to tamper with meters, but they wanted to help Phillips out until they could get to the bottom of the meter issue.
And even though Phillips reached out to us after normal business hours, Jefferson Energy made it a priority to get to Phillips' home powered up.

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