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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- It was once a luxurious grand hotel, but the iconic Bon Air building is now listed on Historic Augusta's endangered property list. Now some residents are complaining to News 12 about living without heat during the winter.

The Bon Air is still the picture of beauty and grander from the outside. On the inside, there is a chilling difference.

"You don't hear anything. There is no heat," said Dephene Lott. "Like being out in the snow. Half naked."

Lott has been living without central air for more than a week.

"Only reason it's warm now is because of that space heater there that I turn up real high," she said.

She was at least able to borrow a space heater from a friend.

"It's an issue because some people don't have access to a heater," Lott said.

The only warm room in Clifford Lee's apartment is his living room.

"I'm irate. This is ridiculous," Lee said.

He says his central air has been blowing out cold air for over a month. There is also a big hole in his ceiling.

"It's lots of issues: the doors, the security. You know when you go into the office, they are not pleasant at times," Lott said.

News 12's Elizabeth Owens tried to talk to management at Bon Air but was asked to leave.

News 12 On Your Side called corporate. They told us they were looking into the issues.

"I want to see the building ran properly," Lott said.

Historic Augusta also wants to see a change at The Bon Air. They hope endangered property ranking will bring attention to the conditions at the historical building.

If you are a Bon Air resident and have had no luck getting your heat issue resolved, contact Code Enforcement at (706) 312-5049.

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