12 On Your Side: Dog owner says groomer hurt his dog

Earlier this month, the Bileys took Jason the Pomeranian to South Pointe Animal Hospital in Hephzibah to get groomed. (WRDW-TV)
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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012

HEPHZIBAH, Ga. -- A dog owner is outraged after he says a groomer hurt his dog.

"Jason" became part of the Biley family from the moment he came home to them nine years ago.

"He's the only child I guess me and my wife have," Sylatha Biley said.

The little Pomeranian is Biley's pride and joy.

"I don't think he thinks he's a dog because he is the only thing we have," he said.

Earlier this month, the Bileys took Jason to South Pointe Animal Hospital in Hephzibah to get groomed. The realized something was wrong as soon as they pulled out of the parking lot.

"He was like, 'Ark ark ark,'" Biley said.

He says his dog wouldn't stop screaming as soon as they left, so he turned the car around and went back.

"She looked at him and just took one look and said that the groomer may have combed him a little too much," Biley said.

Later that night he saw what appeared to be bruises on Jason's stomach area.

"It was dark purplish and it was in different spots and it was like someone hit him all over his chest and underneath his arms," Biley said.

Biley took Jason back to the vet the following Monday. The veterinarian gave him anti-inflammatory medicine for his dog, free of charge.

"This was an accidental overzealous brushing incident. It happens occasionally," said Dr. Teryl Mayer of Southe Pointe Animal Hospital.

Dr. Mayer says her groomer used a procedure called low shedding on Jason. She says low shedding includes a shampoo and using a slicker brush to remove the dead undercoat of the dog.

Elizabeth Owens asked, "Is it normal for a dog to be bruised like how he was?"

Mayer replied, "No it's not and it's absolutely something that needs to be avoided. The important thing is this dog was not bruised; this was a brush irritation."

But it was severe enough for another veterinarian to take notice.

Biley took Jason to get his shots at the Veterinary Treatment Facility at Fort Gordon nearly five days after the grooming job. The veterinarian at Fort Gordon noticed the bruising and ordered a blood test to see if the dog may have a medical condition that causes bruising. The test came back normal.

"Pets in our care always receive the best care and we are careful with them," Mayer said.

Jason is now is back to feeling like his old self once again. But his owner says he will never feel same about the groomer he once trusted.

Remember when choosing a groomer to ask about their qualifications. For example, how long have they been grooming? Also inquire about the different grooming procedures and which is best for your dog. Finally, ask about the risk of clipper or brush burns and how often it may happen at their shop.

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