MCG becomes Georgia Health Sciences University

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The Medical College of Georgia has a new name. It's now Georgia Health Sciences University. The school made the name change official today.

"Finally the state recognizes us for what we are...Georgia's Health Sciences University," said GHSU President Dr. Ricardo Azziz.

From historian Dr. Louis Ellison who came to the university back in 1951 to more recent staff, everyone is trying to keep an open mind.

Dr. Lois Ellison said "This is the most perfect thing that I can think of. Everybody wins."

"You could relate it to having a daughter that is getting married. Her name is going to change but that doesn't change what brought her to this point in her life. It doesn't change your excitement for her future," Dana Seymore with the Employee Advisory Council said. Seymore admits that not everyone is sold. "They were concerned. They were concerned because of the budget and obvious concerns. But the administration has done a good job of letting us know why and how this is coming to be"

The cost of the name change is at least $2 million to $3 million for signage.

Dr. Azziz insists the move is well worth the cost. "If I can just recruit one research team to come into Augusta because now they feel attracted to a university and not a college we have offset that expense immediately."

"This is perfect in so many ways because we are maintaining in so many ways the Medical College of Georgia," Dr. Ellison adds.

"So if anything, we are doing history right by making sure that the school of medicine is now called the Medical College of Georgia," said Dr. Azziz.

It's expected to take about two to three years to get all the signage change.