New program can help lower power bill during summer months

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, June 7, 2013


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- When the summer arrives, so does the heat, but even on gloomy days when it's sticky and the humidity is high, it can feel a lot hotter. The pool isn't the only way to cool down -- the AC also helps, but using more energy means more money out of your pocket.

"Most of my work is outside," said Duane Wright.

Wright is the only breadwinner at his Augusta home. His wife takes care of their two kids, and he takes cares of the bills.

"It's pretty expensive. I average between $150 and $200 a month," he said.

He's talking about the cost of heating or cooling his apartment.

"It stays pretty warm because I don't want to turn it up," said Wright about his Georgia Power bill.

The AC isn't the only thing running up Wright's electric bill -- so is doing laundry.

"We do a load just about every night," he said.

But to help you keep more of your money, Georgia Power is introducing a new program.

"The program is called My Power Usage, and it's an online tool that residential customers can log in to their account on the Internet and view their usage, their current bill and project bill." said a Georgia Power official.

The program also lets you set and manage alerts, too.

"You can set a daily message alert or a monthly usage alert. So, if you spend more than $7 a day, you can put send me an email," said Wendy Brown.

Brown works for Georgia Power and says the program can helps customers eliminate a surprise bill.

"Times are still tough right now while the economy is still recovering and people want to know how much they are spending on all their bills, and they want to be able to budget," Brown said.

Which is something Wright will appreciate for one reason.

"The bill pretty much kills me," he said.

If you don't have an account, you can sign up at Georgia Power's website and start using the My Power Usage program today. There are about 700,000 people across the state that can use it and around 48,000 of those are right here in our area.

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