12 On Your Side: New problem for Augusta trash pickup service

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, June 21, 2013

12 On Your Side

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Frances McDonald isn't happy with the new Augusta trash pickup.

"Well, it's kind of been up and down," McDonald said.

She's been trying to get her garbage picked up for the last 15 days, but has gotten nowhere.

"Either I call them or have to call them and I'm put on hold, and then I get no response," she said.

And while most can relate to the problem, hers is unique. McDonald's trash can is full, but her issue is not if they are going to pick up the trash, it's where they are going to pick up the trash.

"I can't take my trash can to the edge of the road because I've had two strokes and I can't walk because my balance is off," she said.

To help McDonald and others in her situation, News 12 took the complaint to the 311 manager's office.

"There are a couple of kinks we are trying to work out," said Kelli Walker.

Walker is the 311 hotline manager and says the on-time pickup issue is nearly resolved, but at least one remains.

"We are experiencing some issues with the assistance collection customers, so we are continuing to tell them to be patient with us. And also to provide us with enough information as possible," she said.

Walker says to make sure they know where you are placing the trash can and that you are on the assistance collection so that they can work out any remaining issues quickly.

Thanks to News 12's help, McDonald's trash was promised to be picked up by Friday evening. She says she's glad about it.

"Feels a lot better because it's starting to smell out there -- and flies," McDonald said.

The 311 manager is handling all of these matters personally. So, if you are experiencing a similar situation, she is making sure to send out the haulers immediately to pick up the trash. The manager also told News 12 that last week they were getting 2,000 calls a day compared to only 800 a day this week.

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