New law could stop state money going toward abortions

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News 12 6 o'clock /Sunday, March 9, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- "I think that's just representation of the pro-life people in Georgia," said Susan Swanson.

Swanson runs the Care Pregnancy Center in Augusta. Her group tries to lead expecting mothers away from abortion and feels if Georgia Senate Bill 98 is made into law-- it will help her cause.

"The representatives or senators and house members are listening to the people. They are seeing the pressure put on them and that people are tired of funding things like the abortion industry," she told News 12.

The bill would not make abortions illegal, but it stops taxpayers from fronting the bill on insurance provided to state employees, who are covered under the state's policy.

"The less government, the better," said Rita Hamilton

Hamilton is a Republican who identifies with the Tea Party and while she likes conservative values--she doesn't agree with all of them.

"I am very pro-choice. I really feel like that is an important decision for women to make with their doctor and family," Hamilton told News 12.

And while she feels women should choose to have that procedure or not--she does think the state is making the right choice on bill 98, because Georgia is a heavy Republican conservative state.

"It's a moral issue for most Georgians and the people have a say in the government and so, the government will have to make regulations," she said.

The bill will still allow for state funding when a mother's life is in danger--which isn't something Swanson is totally against -- but does wish expecting mothers put their faith in a higher power.

"Choose to carry their baby because they trust God and want God to take care of it," Swanson told News 12.

Senate bill 98 is not the law yet. Now, it has to be approved by the house. However, Governor Deal already signed an order which stopped state funds from being used for abortions and lawmakers wanted to make sure it stuck beyond his term and that's why they want it into law.

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