New law could bring golf cars, jobs to Augusta

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News 12 6 o'clock / Thursday, April 25, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A new law could be paving the way for golf carts in Georgia.

On Friday Governor, Nathan Deal, made that announcement here in Augusta. The bill gives local leaders the power to say yes or no to golf cart paths, but as News 12 reports Augusta could not only have more golf carts, it stands to have an economic boom as well.

Peachtree City is a town many others across Georgia will now have their eyes on to see how they can build their own golf cart city.

"This is land breaking or really monumental legislation that could really be used for others states to benchmark off of," is how an executive, with one of the largest golf cart manufacturers in the world based here in Augusta, feels about the law Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed Friday.

"The legislation simply says to all local governments that they have the opportunity to expand their authorized use of golf carts," Governor Deal said.

So, now places like Augusta and its Georgia neighbors will have the power to make golf carts a way to get around town.

"It will encourage local communities to use and encourage their citizens to use more of the golf cart type of transportation," Deal said.

That opens the doors for things like golf paths and parking lots, like the ones in Peachtree City. However, using battery operated carts will also help cities become greener for the environment, but also bring another type of green to Augusta.

"It certainly builds jobs from a manufacturing perspective. It allows us to try and grow this population using those types of vehicle," but Eric Boundy with E-Z-GO, isn't the only one hoping jobs will come from this law, so is the Governor.

"I have every reason to believe that the expansion is going to result in more jobs right here in the Augusta area," Governor Deal said.

Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver tells News 12 he's tried to bring golf carts to the city before, but the commission has failed to pass it. However, things could change now that the governor's behind it and more jobs could come to the area.

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