New Walmart Supercenter to bring more jobs, traffic to Wrightsboro Road

News 12 First at Five / Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- "I'm for it. All for it," Walter Taylor said.

A new Walmart Supercenter is moving in almost right across the street from Taylor, and he says he's happy about his new neighbor.

"Actually glad to see it coming. I don't have far to drive to go to it. I could walk over there, probably get a little exercise," he laughed.

It's an opinion he says the rest of his neighborhood doesn't share.

"I don't think they want it coming. They think it's going to bring a lot of traffic," Taylor explained.

They could be right. Forty-five thousand cars already drive down Wrightsboro Road each day. Planning and Development says this new store will add thousands more.

With this addition, an already busy road is about to get a lot busier, but some people that live nearby are excited about their convenience to the store, and they say, 'What's a few more cars to an already busy Wrightsboro Road?'

"What difference would it make?" Taylor asked. "And besides, it's going to bring a couple hundred jobs here, few hundred jobs here to Augusta, so that's a plus."

The new store is set to bring in hundreds of jobs, and City Administrator Fred Russell says that's not all.

"Not only do we have more jobs, we have a potential for more sales tax dollars coming in, and it's a good time," he said.

"With the economy struggling like it is, it's just a blessing in disguise, pretty much," Taylor said.

Walmart officials say this store will be a little smaller than most and will not include an auto care center.

"They're out there moving dirt. They've approved the plans. We're excited about the potential of them helping to serve our community," Russell said.

City officials say they plan to put in another light by the store to help control traffic flow. Mayor Deke Copenhaver says he's not worried about the increase in traffic because there is enough money in the TSPLOST, and they're already working on improvements to Wrightsboro Road.

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