New public safety station drawing criticism

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Monday, March 17, 2014


Jimmy Darley, Vice Chair of the Belvedere Fire Commission, says that the new public safety station that North Augusta is planning to build is a waste of money.

But tonight North Augusta City Council voted to enter into an agreement with Spratlin and Son contractors to build a new station on Clearwater-Belvedere Road near the Palmetto Expressway.
Darley was at the council meeting tonight—hoping to hold off the vote. He says that Belvedere fire already provides enough coverage to people living in the area.

“We can get to the people in the city limits of North Augusta in that area quicker than they can, “said Darley,” because they've got to come straight through Belvedere in order to get to it.”

But the argument tonight by City Council centered around the fact that they feel they have the responsibility to provide fire protection to the people inside the city limits.

Still though, Darley says that it’s an unnecessary station, “I just think it's a waste of money--taxpayer money --or sales tax money to build the station”

Expanding fire coverage has been on City Council’s radar for quite some time now having voted in the sales tax to fund the project nearly eighteen months ago. They say that ultimately the goal is to bring fire protection to the people they say need to have it inside the city limits.

“From the commission stand point, from the departments stand point, from the citizens stand point, we're going to be willing to do what it take in order to protect them. And I just don't see where spending money for a station like that is going to be beneficial to anybody,” said Darley.

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