New Ellenton residents fired up after men shot their dogs

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Sunday, May 19, 2013

NEW ELLENTON, S.C. (WRDW) -- "These poor precious animals, leave them alone," said Shirley Key, who lives in New Ellenton.

It was a Saturday she doesn't want to remember -- a day she almost lost her best friend.

"Rusty was an abandoned dog, I adopted him," she said.

On Saturday evening, she he was minding her own business.

"All of the sudden i hear a yap, scream, from Rusty," Key told News 12.

She says two men pulled out a gun and shot her dog.

"And he comes back bleeding like crazy," she said.

She rushed her dog to the vet, saving his life.

Neighbors around her experienced the same terror as the same two men opened fire on their pets.

They begged the men not to shoot, but they didn't stop.

"They took their gun out, shot once, ran around the fence and looked up at my mom and shot again," said a neighbor who lives on Sizemore Avenue.

The New Ellenton Police were called out to the scene shortly after.

They found a handful of bullet casings and neighbors who wanted to know why someone would do this.

"This is crazy, you can't even have your dogs in your own yard without them getting shot at," neighbors said.

Key is upset about what happened.

"This poor dog is a good dog, and a dog can't be inside its fence, you know, that's something bad, that's wrong," Keys said.

Her dog is recovering well, up and walking, wagging his tail and sitting by his owner's side who saved his life.

"He's very strong, he went through a lot," she said.

She has a message for those involved.

"You should really be ashamed of yourself, definitely ashamed of yourself," she told News 12.

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