New Cyber Center of Excellence sign unveiled at Ft. Gordon

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News 12 at 6 o' clock/ March 28, 2014

Fort Gordon Cyber Center of Excellence (WRDW-TV)

FORT GORDON, Ga.--Friday, military leaders unveiled the new sign for the Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon, but the unveiling was about a lot more than some new signage.

The new signage marks the first step in transforming the Signal Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon into the Cyber Center of Excellence, which means we're about to start seeing a lot of changes in the area.

During the ceremony, General LaWarren Patterson said, "As we unveil this sign today, it's more than a few words printed on a wall. This is the sign of the future of military communications."

And with those words from the commanding general, it's a brand new era for the army post that's been a part of our community for nearly a century.

"I am very calm on the outside right now, but I am dancing a jig on the inside, trust me," the major general said, speaking candidly about his feelings on the change. He says this is a moment of history that Augusta is a big part of.

This summer about 50 soldiers will head to Fort Gordon to begin the Cyber Joint Force Headquarters, the first in a long line of new faces.

"There will be growth of military personnel, growth of Department of Army personnel, and Department of Defense civilians, and there will be growth of contractors," General Patterson said.

Which is good news for the area. More people means more demand for the housing market, more tax dollars, and more money spent at local businesses, which has builders and contractors like Joey Brush optimistic about their future, as well as the local economy's.

"A new mission and a lot of growth is not only good for the builders but good for the restaurants and the building supply and the local hardware stores and all those things," he said.