Neighbors ready for violence to stop after another deadly shooting in Barton Village

News 12 at 11 o'clock / Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- This neighborhood is no stranger to violence. You might even say it happens right in their backyard.

After Saturday night, for one neighbor, that saying takes on a whole new meaning.

"They came through here and this is where he was lying," said Terry Holston.

A man was shot in the head right in Holston's brand new backyard.

"Just since Friday. I moved in Friday," he said.

The view from between the blinds in his kitchen window told Holston something was going on.

"I heard a couple shots, and then he went behind the house, and I heard a couple more shots. Then it got all quiet and I just sat here a few minutes, and I looked out through the blinds here, and I could see somebody was laying on the ground. So then I called 911," Holston said.

The man in Holston's backyard wasn't the only victim of this crime.

De'John Grant, 22, was found shot to death on Dublin Drive.

Investigators say it all started on Dublin Drive, but then neighbors say they saw a couple guys hop this fence and then run toward Drayton Drive.

This isn't the first deadly shooting this area has seen.

About a year ago, a Glenn Hills High football player was shot and killed, too.

Vernon Simmons says seeing this crime scene brought back those memories.

"As I stood there for a minute, I reflected on Webster, and I just once again thought, once again, another senseless killing," Simmons said.

Christopher Alexander was one of the few who saw guys running toward his street.

"It makes me feel as if one day a bullet might hit me," he said.

Seeing the violence in his neighborhood has him speaking out to the youth.

"Young people, we need to get it together, 'cause if we don't, the same thing can happen," Alexander said.

As for Holston, he says he's going to keep unpacking his boxes.

"An accident happens on the highway, you're not going to avoid that spot just because one accident happened there," he said.

Deputies say the man in the hospital is still in critical condition.

Details on how and why this happened are still limited.

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