Mysterious Verizon charges on bank account

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Saturday, May 31st, 2014

(WRDW) -- One woman says she's getting charged for a phone she doesn't even have, and has been for months.

After hitting a dead end, she called News 12.

"I have T Mobile," said Deborah Robinson.

Deborah Robinson found it strange when she came across charges on her account from Verizon.

"That sort of made me wonder where in the world is this charge coming from? Because I've never had Verizon," Robinson said.

Robinson looked through her bank statements and found this $50 charge labeled as Verizon eight separate times; costing her more than $400. She went to Verizon for help but she says they told her there was nothing they could do.

"It doesn't show an account number a phone number or anything where the money is going to so Verizon said they couldn't help me. That's what Verizon told me. The bank is responsible," Robinson said.

Robinson then went to Bank of America and canceled her card. Bank of America only reimbursed her for two charges, and they consider the claim resolved. Today, Robinson checked her account, and found out she was charged yet again on May 16.

"I just feel like I'm at a dead end. I was made to feel like it was my fault 03 or someone's stolen your card fraud," Robinson said.

Robinson says she swipes her debit card several times a day, and admits she wasn't the best about regularly checking her bank statements, but it's something she'll do now.

"This was a lesson learned. It was a hard one, an expensive one, but what can I do?" Robinson said.

She urges everyone get on your phone or computer just to check your statements so nobody else has to be in the same situation.

We've reached out to Verizon to see what they had to say but have yet to hear back.

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself:

Check your bank statements and save your receipts.
If you see a transaction you didn't do report it immediately.
Go paperless, viewing your account online is faster and easier for you to keep up with your transactions.
Keep a list of your account numbers.
Never give your credit card or account information to anyone who calls you.

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