Murphey Middle teachers help round up students for CRCT testing

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News 12 First at Five/Thursday April 24, 2014

RICHMOND CO., Ga (WRDW)--The hallways at Murphy Middle School are quiet as students take the CRCT, but in the administrative office it's a different story.

"We just started making sure that we have the teachers send up their list of who's absent and we would start calling parents and if parents were not able to bring them, then we would pick them up," said Principal Veronica Bolton.

Bolton says this isn't the first year she's sent teachers to help round students up during test time.

"Actually we've been doing this for a number of years," she explained.

"Basically if a kid has a problem, maybe missed the bus, got up a little late...I'll go and get them because we want everybody to make this test," said Joseph Collier.

Collier is the graduation coach and has been in the counseling office at Murphey for seven years, helping provide extra test prep to the student who need it.

"Personally I will get go and get tutors from around the CSRA to supplement if kids need some help in math, language arts or science," he explained.

He says helping students avoid taking the test on make up days can help them perform better.

"The last thing they want to do is be in a controlled environment, having to sit down for several hours doing testing that all the other kids have previously finished," he said,

"When students are in their normal environment, they're more comfortable, they're with that teacher that they've connected with all year," said Bolton.

And Collier says taking an interest in their home life helps them offer better options for test preparation.

"Knowing a kid personally gives you a greater understanding of how to better serve the students," he said.

Last year, for Georgia, the middle school CRCT average was 74.1.

Murphey Middle scored below the state average at 54.9, but they did see a 15 point bump in their progress points, which means on average, students did 15 percent better on last year's CRCT than they did the year before.

Bolton says she and her staff are focused on continuing to help students improve.

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