Multiple ways to sign up for Affordable Health Care Act

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News12 / Tuesday November 5, 2013

Augusta, GA (WRDW)---- "Currently I don't have any health insurance." said Julia Wiley.

Wiley isn't alone. Like many others she lost her coverage after switching jobs.

"I'm looking forward to the health care reform making the opportunity for me to have health insurance," she told News12.

"We had an overwhelming response first of all," said Janice Sherman

Sherman runs a center that helps the uninsured and those wanting to sign up for ObamaCare. She says the web and phone aren't the only way to sign up.

"We just took the next route and we started signing them up with paper applications," she told News12.

Sherman says filling out paperwork may not be ideal, but it's starting to pick up steam. Her clinic has filled out more than 100 applications, but none have received coverage yet.

"Some of the applications have been returned. There are a number of things that are being worked through right now, but if people are patient and give it time, because we have until March 31st, I'm certain that things will work out," said Sherman.

Donna Quiller is insured and supports ObamaCare. However, she says it's more important to roll the program out the right way instead of speeding through.

"Yes, they should have looked further into it. To make sure people don't have so many problems trying to get signed up for health care. Some people get frustrated and they give up and they don't need to do that," she told News12.

And like many others... Wiley is still waiting. Waiting for the website to work and waiting to determine what plan she can pick.

"I'll be checking it periodically, prior to that, and after that I will make my full application," she said.

If you want to sign up and don't know how, Medical Associates Plus can help. They have two health care navigators ready to help.

Medical Associates Plus
2467 Golden Camp Rd
Augusta Ga 30906
706 790 4440

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