Mount Vintage Golf Club owner talks about closure

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News12 / Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WRDW) -- Mount Vintage Golf Club is empty. No putters. No drivers. Just silence.

Richard O'Rouke drove from New Jersey to play golf and visit friends who live in the neighborhood.

He's one of the last golfers to play on the course before it shut down and said it's a shame for the club owner and those who moved in just to live on a course.

"Number one it would be property value. Number two would be a solution for the golf course dilemma. Would it be costly to have someone come in and keep the golf course, but yet increase the dues," he said.

No word yet if the owner has found someone to buy the land and develop homes or just keep as a course, but he did release this statement to News 12.

"Plantation Alliance will no longer absorb the monthly losses incurred to operate the twenty seven hole championship golf course and community fitness center. These amenities require developer and additional property owner support to operate and remain open."

"It's a very enjoyable course. It's an excellent layout. Beautiful scenery they have ponds and excellent conditions. Beautiful tees, greens," O'Rouke said.

The course has hosted professional golfers and retirees just like O'Rourke, but for now black crows will be the only ones getting any playing time.

Some neighbors said they really hate to see this happen because the owner Mike Hooker, stepped in and bought the course the first time it was having money issues.

He lives in the neighborhood and some say he wanted to save the course because he loves golf and didn't want anyone to lose their property values.

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