Mount Vintage Plantation Golf Club reopening

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

North Augusta, Sc. (WRDW) -- A golf course that many thought was dead will come back to life. The Mount Vintage Golf Club in Edgefield County put up their tee's up in February, but they plan to re-open this week. However, golfers aren't the only ones excited, folks who live in the golfing community are happy too. They say the course opening back up gives them hope property values won't drop.

"We were devastated. We were worried about the property value. Just tons of things went through our mind," is how Connie Bowes describes the feeling, when she saw a sign on the front door of the Mount Vintage Golf Club two months ago, saying they were no longer open.

"We were hoping that a buyer would come in and just buy everything up, and we will see the property value increase," she said.

A buyer didn't come and save the neighborhood, but the bank that was foreclosing on the golf course did help homeowners out.

"I have a text from a friend who gets a news letter, because of the membership he maintains," Tom Bowes told News 12.

News 12 has a copy of that letter that says, a court appointed receiver will open the course for play, with the support of the foreclosing bank. A relief that the Bowes says came at the right time, because they were starting to look for help.

"Made some calls myself to builders, hoping that they would be interested in the property, but that didn't work out," Connie Bowes told News 12.

Even though homeowners received the letter earlier this month, some didn't believe it would actually happen, until they heard this recording when they called the club house.

"Thank you for calling the Mount Vintage Golf Club. The golf club will be opening Tuesday April 22nd," said the answering machine.

After hearing that message Tom Bowes said only one thing came to his mind.

"That I want to play it, because this is where I live. I play, where I live" he said.

Which is a big reason many others moved to the golf community too, but now with an added hope the only thing dropping will be golf balls, not home values.

"We hope we'll see the property value increase, more revenue, and see more people coming in to play the course," said Connie Bowes.

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