Motorcycle community deals with loss

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Friends and family are shaken after a tragic motorcycle crash killed a passenger who worked at a Columbia County school. The accident happened right by the Master's Theater parking lot off of Washington Road.

Forty four-year-old Gina Allen passed away last night following the crash. Deputies have still not identified the man who was driving the bike. Allen was a para pro at South Columbia Elementary School. On Facebook people have called her a loving mother, friend, teacher, and a cancer survivor. The people that knew her well and even the ones who didn't say they are saddened by this loss.

Blue lights filled the Master's Theater parking lot late last night after a motorcycle accident claimed one life and left one person wounded. Wednesday the parking lot was empty as people in the Augusta motorcycle circuit deal with what happened there.

"There's a few heads hanging low with concern for the family and anybody that's involved in the accident," Nick Doerr, general sales manager at Harley Davidson of Augusta, said.

The same thoughts are echoed outside the motorcycle community.

"There's a huge tragedy when a cyclist loses life and it just transcends families of those involved," Sgt. Scott Redmond with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office traffic division said,

This accident was Augusta's third motorcycle fatality this year. Last year six out of the twenty six fatal accidents involved motorcycle riders. Sgt. Redmond is not surprised with the numbers.

"We always experience a higher amount of motorcycle crashes because we see a higher amount of motorcycles on the roadways during the summer months," he said.

Deputies want riders to remember the rules of the road, and that law enforcement is out there with them.

"We just want to keep them honest, and keep them safe, and get them back home as safely as we can do it," Sgt. Redmond said.

For now, other riders want family and friends to know , they're behind them.

"It's always unfortunate to hear about a rider going down, most of us here are riders too, and obviously right now our thoughts are with the families and friends of those involved," Doerr said.

The motorcycle community is a pretty tight knit group. They want folks to know that when something like this happens, they all feel the pain.

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