Mother wants kindergarten teacher gone after she says teacher hurt son

Kavonte Walker, 5, is a student at Copeland Elementary School. His mother says he is traumatized. (WRDW-TV / Sept. 28, 2012)
Kavonte Walker, 5, is a student at Copeland Elementary School. His mother says he is traumatized from the incident. (WRDW-TV / Sept. 28, 2012)
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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, Sept. 28, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- An Augusta mother says she wants her son's teacher gone. This comes after she says a kindergarten teacher hurt her son and bruised him.

The Richmond County School District is actively investigating the incident. You can read their statement on the incident here (PDF).

Kavonte Walker, 5, is a student at Copeland Elementary School. His mother says he is traumatized.

"I thought maybe another kid had hit him in his eye or something. The principal is like, no, this is something done from the teacher. [She] said that the teacher snatched the towel from under his head and his head hit the desk," said Lakeisha Walker.

It happened Thursday during nap time when Walker says Kavonte's kindergarten teacher pulled the towel to wake him up.

"You don't wake up a child like that, that's not right," Walker said.

Walker says she didn't find out about it until she picked him up from Copeland Elementary at the end of the day.

"Seeing his eye look like that and then me not getting called at the time that it happened; I think I should've been notified when it happened," she said.

She took Kavonte to the hospital after he complained of eye pain and headaches. Photos show some swelling to his right eye and at one point it was bloodshot.

"Well, I would be shocked for it to be anybody's kid, but you would never think it would be your kid," she said.

Now that it is, this frustrated mother says she doesn't want her son stepping a foot in that class again.

"If nothing is going to be done, I'll take him out. I'll take him out," Walker said.

News 12 has since requested the personnel file for the kindergarten teacher, Laurie May.

Walker says Kavonte and his teacher had a great relationship prior to this incident.

The school district has referred the case to the school district attorney. They released a statement Friday afternoon (PDF).

They said the teacher was allowed to go home early on Friday so that the inquiry could be completed. The teacher was said to be fully cooperative.

The statement says:
"After the inquiry, the conclusion of the Department of School Safety & Security and the deputy superintendent is that there was no ill intent involved and the teacher had no intent to harm the student.

As required, DFACS has been notified.

Given the circumstances, the school system will handle the personnel matter internally."

Walker says she will now try another approach, and if nothing else, take her son out of the district.

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