Mother says cyber bullying Twitter account targeted her daughter

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News 12 This Morning/Monday Feb. 10, 2014

"I came home from work and my 16 year old daughter who is a junior in school was upstairs just crying," said Lynda Tesney. "And she said, look what somebody said about me."

"And then we noticed that there was a bunch of tweets about a bunch of different children saying some really ugly, explicit stuff about them," Tesney explained.

It was an anonymous Twitter account titled CCBOE Confessions, targeting students across Columbia County.

Tesney says her daughter, a student at Greenbrier High School, was lone of those victims.

"This person was so vulgar...It was awful. Sickening," she explained. "It hurts. It hurts as a mother."

Tesney filed an incident report with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. Deputies say, although they're still looking into the account, there's been no criminal activity and no threats were made. So,their hands are tied.

"I understand they can't do anything but there's so much out there in cyber space," said Tesney. "There should be something that can be done."

The school also launched an investigation and because no incident happened on campus, school officials tell me their hands are also tied.

Deputies say victims have the option of suing in civil court.

But, Tesney tells me she's not sure that's an option she will take.

"A civil law suit costs a lot of money [and] takes a lot of time and what are you going to get out of it?" Tesney asked. "The words are still in the children's minds. God only knows who all has screen shots and so how many people have those that can still spread that on cyber space."

The sheriff's office and several schools in the county are continuing to investigate this incident.

The account has now been deleted.

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