Richmond County mother loses family in drunk driving accident

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Monday, Sept. 1, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Nineteen families across Georgia and South Carolina are without loved ones after a deadly weekend on the road.

Many of the wrecks over the Labor Day Holiday involved drivers who had too much to drink. It's something that hits close to home for one Augusta family. Burying a child is something no parent wants to do, but Kreceda Tyler had to bury her child, mother and cousin after a drunk driving accident.

"Your heart goes out to every family that you hear about, but it doesn't have that same sense of realness unit it actually affects you," said Kreceda Tyler.

It happened years ago but still haunts her today. A warm summer night in 2004, her mother, daughter, and cousin were on the way to Disney World, but they never made it to the park.

"They were minutes away. They were going to the hotel and they missed their exit turn, so they were turning around," she told News 12.

Little did they know that missed turned would lead to a drunk driver's path.

"The impact from it hit so hard that the car skid across lanes of traffic into oncoming traffic," said Tyler.

Three lives were lost in a split second crash, a moment that brings pain even 10 years later.

"You can't get any closer than that for a woman. To lose your mom and your daughter on the same day and same time, I was hurt and bitter for a long time about it," she said.

Tyler said it's anger and grief that all could've been prevented.

"He had someone there who could've driven and this story might not be happening," Tyler told News 12.

Now almost 20 families are going through the same pain. This Labor Day weekend, troopers have worked at least 10 fatal accidents in South Carolina and 9 in Georgia.

"You have that one void in your life or for me you have 3 voids. And though I have other children, I have one child I will never get to share that moment with," said Tyler.

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