More women picking up guns

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Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Augusta, GA (WRDW)- The NRA wants to add 8,000 certified female instructors because more women want to learn how to shoot.
In 2009 the NRA put together a training clinic called "Women on Target" and 8,000 women showed up. In 2013 that number shot up to 12,000. More women are picking up weapons in Augusta too.

"For protecting myself. For gun safety," said Jennifer Warner.

Those are two reason why Jennifer Warner started shooting two years ago. The third reason, her daughter. She wanted to teach her how to use a gun, and now she's usually her shooting partner.

"I think that more women should get involved in it," said Warner.

With Georgia's new gun law expansion, Jennifer said she takes her gun just about everywhere. She said being able to pack a little heat puts her at ease.

"It makes me feel a lot more safer having it on me because you never know whats going to happen," said Warner.

80 percent of gun retailers said they've seen an increase in female customers since 2012, which means a lot more ladies are locked and loaded.

"When Obama got re-elected, Sandy Hook, and any shootings that have been really publicized since then we have seen an increase of women coming in," said Shooters Augusta owner Buddy Lichty.

Shooters has 20 female members.
A third of the people who come in and shoot are women, and of that number about 30 percent are new shooters.

"Safety is the number one thing. You can't just carry it on you. You have to feel comfortable with it. The safety part is most important," said Warner.

No matter what your gender, knowing how to handle a firearm is key.

"It's more than just having a permit and carrying a gun. A permit gives you permission to carry a gun. That's great, but you still need the training and repetitions," said Lichty.

Jennifer does just that, firing one round after another.

"We're out there everyday and you got to feel comfortable with it," said Warner.

To get a permit to carry it takes about two weeks, and you have to go to your county's probate court.