Commissioners discussing building bridge between parking deck, convention center

The Tee Center could have a bridge that crosses over Reynolds Street. (WRDW-TV)
The Tee Center could have a bridge that crosses over Reynolds Street. (WRDW-TV)
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AUGUSTA, Ga. -- More money could be going to the TEE Center to build a walkway.

Commissioners are talking about building a bridge between the parking deck and the convention center, meaning more construction and more money.

"We've had conversations in the past about developing a walk way between the trade center itself and the parking deck," said City Administrator Fred Russell.

The new walkway would connect the parking deck to the TEE Center with a skywalk bridge. The bridge would keep guests of the TEE Center from worrying about crossing traffic on Reynolds Street.

The city administrator says the project would cost about a million dollars.

"The money is available; we had money available from the parking deck itself so it wouldn't be any additional funds," Russell said.

Commissioners say it would be dangerous not to move forward with the skywalk.

"I think everyone up here sees the life safety issue with a herd of people crossing Reynolds Street at night going to an event and coming back out of the event when it's pitch black dark," said Joe Bowles.

But there's still a few big questions to answer before commissioners give the project the green light.

"There's electronic signage going up on the crosswalk, and the question is: Who's going to keep that revenue and sell that sign space? In my opinion, it should be the city since we're buying the sign," Bowles said.

In the rough draft, there are plans for an electronic sign for advertising, but it still isn't clear who would get the funds from the ad space.

"It's our sign, our revenue, that's the way I'm looking at it at the moment," Russell said.

Commissioner Bowles says he expects the commission to approve the project by the end of the year.

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