Mom speaks out after teacher throws pen at 11-year-old daughter

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News 12 This Morning / Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WILKES CO., Ga. (WRDW) -- Leslie Dills said she's a parent very much involved with her daughter's education.

But, what happened in 11-year-old McKenzie's class earlier this month is something the mom believes she wouldn't have found out if her daughter didn't tell her.

"She said that she had finished her vocabulary words and and she was just fiddling around fidgeting," Dills said. "The teacher kept asking her to quit and she would quit and then she turned around and was doing it one more time and the teacher threw an ink pen and it hit her in the stomach."

Wanting to know more, McKenzie's mom says she contacted Washington-Wilkes Elementary and the Wilkes County Superintendent's Office.

"They don't seem to resolve any issues," she said. "They want to brush it under the carpet and this is not something that's going to be brushed under the carpet."

Dills tells News 12 after she felt she wasn't getting anywhere with the school system, she went to the Washington Police Department filing this incident report charging the teacher with simple battery.

Investigators tell me they are still looking in to this incident.

When News 12 contacted Superintendent Dr. Rosemary Caddell, she confirmed McKenzie's teacher did throw a pen, hitting McKenzie and told News 12 the school district is looking into it too.

She says the system would take any necessary action, but wouldn't talk about specifics such as if the school's investigation started only after the police report was filed.

Any action from the school perhaps comes a little too late for McKenzie's mom, who tells us she feels she wasn't being taken seriously until she went to the police.

"They do not contact you whenever something happens to your kids at school, they don't contact you," said Dills. "I think they should have at least called and told me what happened."

The police report says the teacher did apologize to McKenzie's mom.

Dills tells us she wants to know what action can be taken against the teacher.

The superintendent, speaking in general, says a teacher can be reprimanded or dismissed. Again, those actions aren't specifically related to this situation-- it all depends on each individual incident.

In terms of the police investigation, the investigator tells 12 he hasn't found whether the teacher threw the pen intending to hit the student, or just toward the student to try to get her attention.

McKenzie's mom says what she wants is the school to be more proactive in telling parents about what happens in the classroom and for parents to be kept updated on what the school is doing to handle complaints.

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