Mom grateful for new school tech club providing outlet for tech savvy son

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News 12 This Morning/Wednesday Nov. 6, 2013

(WRDW)--"He is so into computers and has been. Ever since he was about 2 years old he was working a laptop," said Renza Bing.

Bing says her now 7-year-old son, Frank, continues to excel when it comes to technology.

She tells me recently, when the family got an iPad, Frank's become more creative and independent with his skills.

"He creates movies," she said. "He creates cartoons using one of the apps and he puts them all on the iPad and he'll come and say 'mommy, look at this, what do you think?'"

Now Frank, along with other students at his school Deerchase Elementary, have the opportunity to hone their tech skills with the new Tech Club.

"They sent information home saying that they chose him to be in the technical class and I was floored, I loved it," said Bing.

Students were chosen to participate in the club by faculty and staff based on their technology skills.

In order to get into the club, they had to submit a cartoon introducing themselves.

"We range from 5th grade all the way down to 1st," said Romona Nora. "We really started seeing the students become very creative."

Romona Nora, the club's adviser, says along with technology education, students are learning about different tech related career options.

"The main thing is for them to see these careers are out there and there's no limit to what they could do with technology," said Nora.

Bing says she's grateful her son now has added opportunity to hone skills that could help him realize his dreams.

"I'm hoping and praying that this will just give him the drive to go further and further with his dream of being a movie maker," she said.

Nora tells me the club's assignments follow the school's curriculum by joining science and history lessons with their animation and technology assignments.

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