Mobility could be on the way out

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Augusta transit

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Mobility, the company that runs the city's bus system, could be rolling out of town soon. Commissioners voted to give Mobility a 90-day notice to terminate its contract.

Some city leaders want to outsource it, while others want the city to take over.

"I'm in dire need to see the services improve," said bus rider Ervin Miller.

Miller, a college student, isn't alone -- Augusta commissioners voted 9 to 1 to terminate Mobility's contract.

"They should have the buses going everywhere like on Tobacco Road, too. It shouldn't just run by Walmart," said college student Dezmond Roberts.

"The scheduling and being more prompt. The bus should also move more around the city," Miller said.

City leaders are also considering a takeover but also want to expand coverage.

"It's going to be tight to do that. We anticipate on getting it to the streets as quickly as possible with a short turnaround. Mainly because of the interest being shown," said City Administrator Fred Russell.

"Another thing is we don't know exactly how much we want to expand. We don't know exactly where we want the routes to go," said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

The cost is expected to even out if Mobility rolls out of town like some want.

"They can still bid, but with their track record, there is no hope at all," Lockett said.

"I make that transition from here. I depend on that public transportation, you know," Miller said.

Commissioners will make the final decision next Tuesday.

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