Middle schooler severely beaten in class with padlock

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News 12 at First at Five / Friday, Nov. 16, 2012

DENMARK, S.C. -- A couple days ago, Fatima Penn-McIntosh got the call no parent ever wants to get.

"She was like 'Ms. Penn, Ms. Penn, some girl just came into the class and beat Tyana with a lock," said Penn-McIntosh, recounting her conversation with a student who called her to tell her that her daughter was under attack.

Penn-McIntosh says the attack happened at Denmark-Olar Middle School. She says her daughter came under a surprise attack.

"As I was told, there were blood all over the place," she said.

The weapon of choice wasn't a gun or knife but a padlock.

"My daughter was in class and the little girl came into the class with the lock and you know commenced to hitting her when her back was turned," Penn-McIntosh said.

After rushing to the school, she snapped several pictures once most of the blood was cleaned off. The pictures show instant bruising on the side of her face, caked blood in her ear and a deep gash in her head.

"The doctor said, 'This is serious, you could have been killed,'" said the mother.

But Tyana, who's now home healing, defended herself by fighting back, and that's one of the reason's the school suspended her for 10 days, along with the alleged attacker and another student who tried to break them up.

"My child is the victim. And I'm not saying she should be put on a pedestal, but she was the victim," Penn-McIntosh said.

However, the incident is still under investigation by Denmark Police. They should soon charge one, if not multiple students, who will each have their turn in family court. If guilty, they'll be off to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

As for Penn-McIntosh, she's looking for a lawyer to help clear her daughter's name, who she says was just defending herself after a random attack.

"I want to see something done for the safety of other people's children," she said.

News 12 was also contacted by the mother of the girl who allegedly broke up the fight and snatched the lock from the attacker's hand. She says her daughter was suspended too for possibly saving Tyana's life.

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