Some Augusta commissioners say meetings are lasting too long

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News 12 First at Five / Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- They can last for several hours, and now some Augusta commissioners say their meetings are lasting entirely too long. So, is it time wasted or is it well spent?

Time has been getting away from commissioners. Their meetings are growing longer.

"You talking about committee meetings on Mondays and then you got commission meeting on Tuesday. Let's meet two days then, since the meetings are to long," said Commissioner Marion Williams.

"Our meetings are entirely too long," said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

The agendas for commission and committee meetings are packed. Are the longer meetings also a result of the last commission not doing its job?

"They just simply ran out of time. Some of that stuff got passed on to the current commission. We just have a full agenda," said Commissioner Donnie Smith.

"I think what we need to do is do more research on our own," said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

"If I investigate things like you, I'm micro-managing. If I talk in the meeting, then I'm holding the meeting up," Williams said.

"When we've already covered that issue and we revisit and revisit," Smith said.

"If you don't want to work this job, you might not ought to apply for this job," Williams said.

City leaders are trying to streamline their meetings by addressing some issues in their workshops.

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