Charles Cummings wants your vote for Augusta Mayor

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News12 at six o'clock/ Jan. 15, 2013

Augusta, Ga (WRDW)------The Georgia State Senate has passed a bill to move the state's 2014 primary election to May 20th. Once the House of Representatives votes, it could mean you'll be voting for Augusta Mayor and 5 commission seats in May.

However we caught up with Charles Cummings a mayoral candidate who wants your vote. "I am gentleman who was born in Thomson, GA. I've actually lived here in Augusta for 24 years," said Mayoral Candidate Charles Cummings.

Cummings is retired military and a former business owner who wants to be the next mayor of Augusta.

"I want people to know that I am a fresh face in the political arena. When you see me you see yourself, I want to make Augusta a better place to live and work,"

Last year, Cummings spoke to commissioners about the need for better public transit. This year, it's part of his mayor's platform.

"Instead of it running six days a week, it needs to run for seven days a week. Instead of the buses shutting down at eight, the bus needs to shut down at 11 or 12," he said.

Cummings also says the new garbage bill stinks. "The garbage is apart of your property taxes. If you go delinquent on your property taxes then it becomes a part of the foreclosure process. I think we can take that fee off and let people pay it quarterly. If it's still on at the end of the year, then it should be added to the property taxes," he said.

Economic development is an issue for him as well. What's not an issue is entering a race where his opponents are bringing in thousands of campaign dollars more.

"It's not anything that's going to stop us from running the race. If you recall in the Sheriff's race money was not the determining factor it was the people.

Will the voters put in this fresh face candidate is the question?

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