Medical company is moving, bringing new jobs

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News 12 11 o'clock / Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW) -- North Augusta is celebrating hundreds of jobs coming to town. MEDAC, which is based in Augusta, is making the move to Aiken County. The company will bring more than 500 existing workers and hire 200 new ones.

"I think it's great," Kelly Miles said. "I think it will give a lot of people opportunities to apply for jobs and bring a lot more money to North Augusta."

With the price of gas going up everyday, Miles said 200 new job opportunities won't just help her wallet, it could also help her family's too.

"Actually my mom is trying to find a job in North Augusta. She lives in Atlanta right now and she's trying to move up here," she said.

City leaders and the company's CEO announced the plans just feet away from where the new office building will be, and Project Jackson had a lot to do with it.

"Over 600 employees to our downtown who have to eat lunch, run errands, and buy gas," City Administrator Todd Glover said. "We think it's a huge economic impact to our downtown."

"It was huge, it really was. For us to be able to move into a facility like this, we never thought we could do this," said Bijon Memar, the company's CEO.

He said the city will allow MEDAC to use a parking deck, they were already planning to build, to bring the company to the Carolina side of the river.

"Anytime a corporate headquarters looks at your city obviously you're honored to do it, but not every deal makes sense, but every way we looked this it just made sense for our city," Glover said.

Something Miles said will help everyone, because new jobs means new money.

"If they start making money that means more money goes back into the city and the economy. The more money to buy gas and go out to dinners," she said.

Just last year, MEDAC added 100 new jobs and since the move is just across town, Augusta employees will not be out of a job.

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