Medical marijuana bill: Cause for concern?

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News 12 First at Five / Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- "Marijuana by far is still the most popular," said Lt. Greg Meagher with the Richmond County Sheriffs Office.

Day after day, Lt. Greg Meagher comes across pounds of Marijuana. Much more than those using medical marijuana would carry, but talk about added stress for deputies in the Narcotics division.

"Anything found after that, which usually would've been fruits of the crime, is no longer admissible in court," he said.

The Georgia House just approved the proposal allowing Marijuana for medical purposes. If the Senate follows suit, Georgia would be the 20th state to legalize it. Other states have already had trouble adjusting.

"They've had to retrain all their dogs not to smell Marijuana," said Meagher.

News 12 asked if there was any positive to the legalization of medical Marijuana.

"Well it works, as far as the chemicals in it, it works," said Doctor Joe Holt.

Through studies, the Cannabis would benefit those suffering from cancer, glaucoma and seizure disorders. The proof is there, but Holt's worried about the side effects.

"When I hear it, I hear this flood of questions that I haven't heard anybody bother to answer," said Holt.

How would the distribution of the drug be monitored?

"What happens if folks buy it and sell it, because they have access to it," he said.

What would be considered a DUI?

"If party A uses, gets in the car and drives, how do you argue, I'm not driving while intoxicated," said Holt.

Lt. Meagher says, "It's already illegal to take pain medicine to drive, and I believe that probably would be about the same thing."

So is Georgia really ready for Medical Marijuana?

"Marijuana is Marijuana," said Holt.

And Meagher feels the same, saying, "I believe this is just another way for people to smoke Marijuana."