Mayor: At least 10 dead in NYC from superstorm

Tropical depression
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Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York's mayor calls it a "devastating storm" -- possibly the worst the city has ever experienced.

The superstorm that was born when Hurricane Sandy came ashore killed at least 10 people in New York City -- among more than 30 who were killed across the Northeast. A wall of seawater and high winds slammed the city, destroying buildings and flooding tunnels.

The city was left with no running trains, a darkened business district and neighborhoods under water. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is giving no firm timeline on when basic services will be fully restored. The city had been left nearly isolated -- its bridges and tunnels closed, its subways and airports shut down. But Gov. Andrew Cuomo says most of the bridges are reopening this afternoon.

All of the subway tunnels between Manhattan and Brooklyn were flooded, as were two major commuter tunnels -- the Brooklyn Battery and the Queens Midtown. The head of the city's transit agency says the subway system has never faced a disaster like this one.

At least 1 million customers lost power in New York City, its northern suburbs and coastal Long Island. Officials say it could be several days to a week before all city residents who lost power get it back.

Tomorrow, the city's financial markets will open after being shut for two days by the storm.

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