City seems prepared for Masters week

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News12 at 6 o'clock/ Wednesday, April, 2, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- It's less than five days away until Masters week 2014.

Last minute preparation work is happening on Washington Road, Riverwatch Parkway and across Richmond County.

The city said it's planning to put its best foot forward for the thousands of patrons heading to the Garden City. Georgia Power is repairing a broken power pole that feeds electricity to the course. More firefighters are on standby. Law enforcement and more entertainment is also on the way.

"This week bringing in 25 to 30 more girls to help us celebrate the most successful time hooters of Augusta has known," said Hooters Assistant Manager Brett Althoff.

Hooters is scheduled to have an outside tent, virtual putting and a bikini contest, Althoff said. He said it's all just to give the patrons something to do.

"It's a time honored tradition. We've done it every year and it's only gotten better and bigger every year," Althoff said.

Just in case things get to hot around the city the Richmond County Fire Department is also preparing.

"The engine companies that are working in that area have already went out planned and did tours," fire chief Chris James said.

Fire station 10 is near the course and has more firefighters on duty during tournament hours and a smaller truck to get through the crowds and traffic. Extra crews are on standby near the Daniel Field Airport for the dozens of private planes that will be landing.

The chief says keeping people safe is his number one priority.

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