Many wondering why over 1,000 trash cans aren't being delivered

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News 12 First at Five / Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Lazaro Gallardo Jr. and his crew drove all the way from Michigan to work this week.

"Georgia is a beautiful state. We've been here several times doing work. Nice people, nice place," Gallardo said.

And while he says Georgia is a pretty state, he says delivering the new bins hasn't been quite as pleasant.

"It's been somewhat of a struggle. The residents seem to be very pleased with everything and getting the containers. Unfortunately, some residents aren't getting the containers because they are not on the data list we are working with," he said.

Close to 1,200 containers are sitting unused on Daniel Field for everyone to see. The City of Augusta says another issues delaying the delivery is the use of two different crews. One company is doing the recovery and Gallardo's company is doing the deliveries.

"One person this morning around 8 o'clock was very upset because we couldn't give her a container. She was very frustrated and said, 'You are right here. You got the trailer, you have the cans. Why can't you give me that can instead of me going through the channels?'" he said.

The answer is simple. Gallardo and his crew is going by a list provided by the city and he says some addresses are missing, but if you are having this problem, call 311 and they should get you one soon.

Liane Hooper says 70 is the grade she would give the new trash system. She says her cans came on time and the pickup hasn't missed her, but there is a reason why she gave them the low grade.

"I don't agree that I have to pay the same and get less pickup. Once a week ... I've got three kids, that's not enough," she said.

So, while the new issue is being resolved, the old one continues to be on people's minds. If you are the unlucky person without a bin, call 311 and let them know about it.

City officials say they hope to have a bin to everyone by Wednesday.

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