Update: Man accused of shooting at Wagener officer

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April 16, 2011

WAGENER, S.C.--Aiken County deputies say a man is in custody after shooting at a Wagener police officer Friday night.

It happened a little after 11pm in the Oakwood Apartments in Wagener, Aiken County.

Deputies say Marvin Ginyard ran to his apartment while shooting at officers. The Wagener officer was not hit nor anyone else.

"He tried to hide at first and then he knew once we had ID'ed him and everything like that, he began to run away from us at which time he presented a small caliber pistol firing back at us," Officer James Hammack told News 12.

Officers had been trying to catch Ginyard after an armed robbery off Church Street.

"I didn't really think about myself as far as getting shot or shot at anything like that. I wanted to get him off the street because I was worried he may hurt somebody else," said Hammack, who has been an officer for 33 years.

Deputies say Ginyard is being held at the Aiken County Detention Center on the following charges: armed robbery, failure to comply, 2 counts of pointing and presenting firearm at a person, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and a violation of city ordinance.

The gunfire did strike the side of a car in the parking lot.

"I was doing a biology report on the computer and I heard gun shots it was three back to back..boom...boom...boom. At first I thought it was fireworks and then my granddaddy said 'No, it's gunshots,'" Victoria Palomo said.