Man allegedly attacked on bike trail, returns to scene day after

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News 12 at 6 O'clock / Friday, August 1, 2014

McCormick County, S.C. (WRDW) -- Almost a week later, the trail has grown cold but the story hasn't.

"The report actually started as a man trying to flag down traffic," said Deputy Chief C.E. Gables with the McCormick County Sheriffs Office.

When a McCormick County deputy showed up here, he says the man was visibly upset, claiming he'd been attacked, and almost sexually assaulted by three men.

"The next morning, one of the officers went down." he said. "As they started in, they saw someone, with a weapon."

Gable says the deputy confronted the man, demanding he put his guns down.

"He had a pistol and a think I think a shotgun," said Gables.

When the officer asked him who he was, she realized it was the same man who claimed he was assaulted the night before. The biker claimed he was searching for his gear. So officers began to help, also searching for any clue. And they found it.

"A spent round, a shell case," he said.

It's all they have to go on.

Gable has patrolled these woods for more than 20 years. He says this is the first sexual assault reported here but he has seen the area used as a meeting place for sexual encounters.

"We've caught people meeting one another," said the Gables.

The area appears popular for what Craigslist describes as "casual encounters".

Craigslist posts show it McCormick.

Posts saying, "I'm camping with family." and "Somewhere discrete." We also found some that read, "No one has to know." and "Hwy 221, looking to meet up somewhere along the way."

Just a mile from where the man says he was attacked.

Chief Deputy Gable says since the cyclist reported the attempted sexual assault, deputies are now patrolling these woods more often.

The sheriffs department is still investigating this incident saying they still haven't found the three men involved in this alleged assault, but they're asking for your help. if you know any information, please contact the McCormick County Sheriffs Office.