Man accused and cleared of murder is dead

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News 12 11pm/ Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013

Tracy Davis (WRDW-TV)

BLACKVILLE, SC (WRDW)----Police in Blackville are searching for a killer tonight. They want to know who killed Tracy Maurice Davis?

"You know you couldn't tell that he's been through certain things in his life," said Andre Gadsden.

Gadsden grew up on the streets of Blackville. He knew Davis and says it's still hard to believe his friend was killed around Spiral Circle and Falcon Street.

"It hit me hard. To be honest with you I was about a half a mile down the street at some apartments." he told News12.

Sled is now leading the investigation, but Blackville Police got the initial call around 10:36 Friday night. There is no suspect yet but police say they're working some leads. Tips that Tim Oden hopes lands the shooter in jail-- despite the fact Davis was accused of killing a man back in 2012.

"All these lies going around saying that he killed somebody-- I don't believe that, but when he got killed it shocked me also," he said.

Davis was never convicted of the murder but Gadsden says people continue to gossip--something he doesn't agree with.

"You can't judge no one. You can't go by he said--she said and all that. If you don't know for yourself personally you know--- you can't judge," said Gadsden.

So, while the shooter is still on the loose Gadsden can only pray the murderer does the right thing.

"You did the crime-- do your time. Just man up and turn yourself in. If you big and bad enough to do it hey-- God have mercy on his soul," he said.

If you know anything remember to call SLED or the Blackville PD. Remember you don't have to give your name and the info could help police get a shooter off the streets.

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