Magic Johnson's Bridgescape offers free high school diploma option

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News 12 This Morning/Friday Sept. 20, 2013

"I had gotten expelled from my previous school...and I just wasn't doing anything [but] looking for a job. And, without a diploma, it was hard to find a job," Jozslyn Forrester explained.

After a year out of school, 19-year-old Forrester turned to the Magic Johnson Bridgescape program, which is offered at the Provost Academy.

"It was something that I heard about and I was willing to do it because I figure that it'd give me more opportunity," she said.

Bridgescape is a free dropout recovery center for anyone eligible to be a high school student.

Principal Jonathan Woods says it provides an alternative for students.

"We always tell the students the tassle is worth the hassle," Woods said. "We offer the students flexible scheduling one-on-one face-to-face instruction and a blended learning environment."

The program's for all types of students from those who struggled and dropped out to those who were bored in traditional class and needed more of a challenge.

"I felt like this school was better because it was more at my pace," said Ian Donell. "I could go faster than traditional schools"

Now, 16-year-old Donell says he's making better progress than he was at his previous school.

"We'd only go through one lesson in a week," he explained. "Now, I can can go through about five or six and learn rapidly."

Enrollment is open throughout the school year and the program is free.

And after choosing Provost Academy and the Bridgescape program, both Donnell and Forrester say they feel more excited about their future.

"I feel a lot more optimistic actually," Donell said. "I feel I will succeed more."

"I know I'm going to be successful with the help of this program," said Forrester."This is my last year so it's like I'm a senior so hopefully in May I will be graduating."

If you're interested in the Magic Johnson Bridgescape program, Provost Academy is hosting an open house Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 360 Bay Street on the 2nd floor.

Click here to enroll.

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