Lots of debate and voting at Augusta Commision meeting

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It was a full agenda at tonight's Augusta Commission meeting. There was less fighting more debating and even some voting.

"Why not see what these people do? If these ladies are qualified let's boom move them up. Let's find out what we want," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

City leaders trying to decide whether to follow the charter and name one person to head Equal Employment Opportunity and the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. Currently Yvonne Gentry and Jacquleyn Humprey head those departments separately.

"Now would you hire me to be a newscaster and I tell you I can do it because I read the newspaper. Does that make me a newscaster, " said Commissioner Smith.

Commissioners did decide to add more consequences for violating the ethics policy. The accused commissioner will be independently investigated and if found guilty could face censure, suspension or be removed from office.

"We just needed to lay out some guidelines moving forward. We wanted to take any favoritism or wrong doing out of play," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Commisisoner Bill Lockett called the new transit deal bogus. He questioned Mcdonald transit General Manager Quentarus Brown.

"It shows a lack of class and sensitivity when dealing with a new comer in town," said Commissioner Grady Smith.

"I was elected to make sure the taxpayers were properly treated," said Commissioner Bill Lockett.

In the end no change in the transit contract just pointed questions.

Commissioners also decided to accept ideas on what to do with the city's golf course.
They decided to donate three RCSO patrol cars to Paine College. Leaders also decided to let department heads talk with the CSRA Business League about a $175,000 plan to diversity city contracts.

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