Local university offering open house for home-schooled students

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News 12 This Morning/Thursday Nov. 7, 2013

(WRDW)--USC Aiken is hosting a specialty open house specifically geared toward home-schooled students.

"Home-schooled students are typically high achievers. Folks who may be in range for scholarship opportunities, looking at honors program opportunities," said Andrew Hendrix, directer of admissions at USC Aiken.

Hendrix says the open house is being offered to reach out and try to address some needs these students could be having.

"Typically a home-schooled student has come from a small environment, a small educational environment," he said. "They're looking for small class sizes, personal attention. They're looking in a lot of cases for a safe campus and sometimes a conservative campus."

One thing some home-schooled students may worry about is having extracurricular activities on their applications.

Hendrix tells me a lot of campuses focus more on integrating all students, including home-schooled students, into campus life.

"General interest groups, fraternities and sororities, faith based organizations, student government," Hendrix explained. "Those kinds of things that typically all students are going to be interested in and home-schooled students have a chance, even if they haven't been very involved in those in the past, to jump right in."

Hendrix tells me these students shouldn't feel any differently than traditional students about preparing for higher education.

"Like any students at this point, if they're a senior this is application time applying in the fall, getting admitted to the schools of their choice," he said. "Then as we transition into the spring, you look more at scholarships, financial aid, opportunities to fund your education."

And for any student worried about getting the hang of college life, he says--

"It's super easy and we try to integrate our students into activities right from the very beginning. [It's] very easy for a student to get involved."

USC Aiken's open house for home-schooled students is Thursday, November 14 at 9:30 am in the student activities center mezzanine.

University officials ask that interested students pre-register for the open house. Contact Marcia Vernberg at marciav@usca.edu or (803) 641-3670 to pre-register.

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